The 除夜の鐘 (JOYA-NO-KANE)

What's The "JOYA-NO-KANE" ?

The 除夜の鐘は、iPhone上で除夜の鐘を鳴らす事ができるiPhoneアプリです。iPhoneを横向きにして、左方向に振ると鐘を叩く事ができます。108回鐘を鳴らせば煩悩も奇麗さっぱり消えるでしょう!

Originally, JOYA-NO-KANE(除夜の鐘) is japanese traditional event.

JOYA-NO-KANE (Midnight Tolling of the Temple Bells).
Ringing the bell at a temple on New Year's Eve is a Buddhist tradition in Japan. Bells are rung 108 times in that according to Buddhism it is said that man has 108 troublesome desires, and by hearing the bells toll 108 times people can rid themselves of such desires at the end of the year.

You can hit bell by swaying horizontally iPhone/iPod Touch. If you ring 108 times, your troublesome desires will be pufify :-)

The World View

The 除夜の鐘には「World View」という特徴的な機能があります。これは世界中で鳴らされている除夜の鐘の様子をリアルタイムに見る事ができる機能です。

You can watch runging bell using JOYA-NO-KANE in all around the world in real time.

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